Sender Hamilton

Early Life

Sender Hamilton was born on March 12th SY Two Three Five Six at the Astropostle Aldrin Nursery outside of Huntsville Township in the nation of Earth. He was educated at McAuliffe Primary school until he was sixteen, and was admitted to the Capitol University to study astrophysics and orbital mechanics. He earned his Doctrite from the University and chose to join the Siblinghood of the Church of the Ascension after graduating. 

Religious Career

Sender Hamilton entered the Order of Senders after reading The Nastroism in college. His roommate's family were faithful and attended church weekly, bringing Sender Hamilton along. He learned about the tenets of Nastroism and the history of the world from the dawn of the Universe to the founding of Nastroism in the sugar cane fields of Canaveral  by Prophet Janus Jemison. He was enraptured by the faith, and vowed to become spiritually enlightened by the tex of The Nastroism, and by searching for the celestial tower. 

He was accepted to go on a Searching Mission to the continent of Africa, when he became ill and was bed ridden for most of the journey. The caravan had to deport him due to lack of resources, and he recuperated at Kennedy Center hospital. While convolescing, he met Sender Cartwright who convinced him to join the Order of Senders and abandon his goals of becoming a Searcher. He took the oath of the Order of Senders and became the twentieth Sender in the line of Hamiltons. 


Sender Hamilton received a land grant by the provisional government of the Capitol of the nation Earth. It constitutes the ancient site of the Launch Annex at Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe, and he established the Church of our Humyn of the Ascension, which focuses its spiritual energy on the Prophet Shepard and following his path to the celestial vault. 

The church has been open since SY Two Three Eight Eight, and continues to be a spiritual resource to pilgrims finishing the Mourning Road, and to the faithful who dedicate their lives to entering the realm above. 


The premise of Sender Hamilton is based on a future religion for the future of humynity. In our manifestation of reality, Morgan Hamilton discovers in current time that he founds a church based on a future religion called Nastroism. Nastroism is based on two Utopias created on Earth by humynity. The first Utopia saw the diaspora of humynity into the realm above, following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. The second Utopia is the diminished population of the Earthlings left behind, and while they wait for the celestial brethren to return for them, they continue to purify the earth and cultivate its gardens. 

The spiritual text of The Nastroism was written by the people of Earth in the Time of the Shepard, the Time After the Shepard, and beyond into the eras of the Utopias. Morgan Hamilton has accepted his role as Sender Hamilton, centuries before he is recorded to have founded the Church of our Humyn of the Ascension, hoping to start humynity down the right path. The spiritual text is clear, and the timeline is fixed. His knowledge of the future of humynity suggests that it will ultimately occur. He professes that it is written in our futures, therefore one must only naturally follow Nastroism to fulfill hyr or his destinies. 


"A self-fulfilling prophecy is merely the fear of following ones destined path. When control leaves the hand of the life led, it will see the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. Only when one stops looking for a way out will one find a way out. It has been written in the sky all along, so we have only to read it. The gardens at the end of time are lush and fertile, diverse and thick with life, as they should be for we cultivated them so."

Excerpt from Welcome To Nastroism, Sender Hamilton