The Object

This piece was created for and donated to Sender Hamilton specifically, who has given it to The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension. It is a large metal box which articulates on its central horizontal axis, It has handles for portability, and was made by artist Davith Goodheart while on pilgrimage to Kennedy Center. 

The artists says the creation of the piece was not to get attention, but to venerate Sender Hamilton's efforts in spreading awareness of the Shepard's Path. Sender Hamilton has added it to the permanent collection of the Church and it is on display in the Launch Annex at Kennedy Center, the center of our universe. 

There are seven windows in each frame, adding up to fourteen stations in the larger composition of the piece. It is pigmented acrylic and backlit via electric cording. Each frame shows a point in Sender Hamilton's fictional journey to deliver the Shrine of Astropostle Sally Ride's Glove from America to Berlin, Germany. The artist comes from German ancestry and states that he re-imagined the Sender's actual journey from Johnson Center to Kennedy Center as a global sojourn, one which takes him across the world. Goodheart said that he reinterpreted the journey to emphasize the Sender's contributions to Nastroism and following the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. 


Each window within the frames has a title and describes an action or trial the Sender had to face on his journey to deliver the Shrine. 


In the first panel, it is clear that the Sender is wearing the traditional launch uniform of the Late Era astronauts. He has completed building the Shrine which will forever hold Astropostle Sally Ride's glove. 


The Sender is working with a countryman to securely fasten the Shrine in a travel-save container. 


The Sender takes a public shuttlebus to commune with his fellow Earthlings. He heads for the Airport.


A philistine takes for granted the Senders charitable instincts, and bleeds him of an extensive sum of money. After an insulting payment, the container of the Shrine is loaded onto the aerovehicle.


Never having flown before, the Sender boards the aerovehicle in wonder and amazement. 

Fly [Untitled]

The Sender marvels at the miracle of flight, the container of the shrine rests below his feet awaiting its destiny.

Land [untitled]

The Sender arrives in the beautiful land of Berlin, Germany.

Doubt [untitled]

A crossing guard drills the Sender on his origins and doubts his noble intentions. 

Pick up [untitled]

After being let through finally, the Sender picks up his package from the belly of the aerovehicle. 


The Sender embarks on his journey, walking the container of the Shrine of Astropostle Sally Ride's Glove to the Kunstraum Tapir. 


The pain in his body is counterpoint to the pain in his soul. He contemplates the sad history of his surroundings. 


The Sender perseveres through all types of weather, including torrential rainfall and flooding.


The Sender arrives at the Kunstraum alas, his mission a success.


The Sender installs the Shrine of Astropostle Sally Ride's Glove int he basement of the Kunstraum. Open for all the people of Europe and Earth to bear witness. 

permanent exhibit

The Stations panels are on display in the permanent exhibit in the Launch Annex of Kennedy Center, the center of our universe.