What Is Nastroism?

Nastroism is the way of life for all humynity remaining on Earth. It is the beginning and end of our Universe and inspires humynity to achieve the highest level of transcendence, to follow the Shepard's path into the celestial vault. Humynity belongs in the realm above, and we must strive to join our siblings who left the Earth on the celestial tower. 

Nastroism is the fundamental fabric of humynity. It is the spirituality which binds all of us together. Our millions are spread across the nation of Earth, and only Nastroism connects our consciousnesses. Nastroism is our salvation, and will lead us to the silver city upon the  mount, so we may ascend the celestial tower and join our siblings in the realm above. 

The Nastroism

The Nastroism is the spiritual text passed down from the faithful who have walked the mourning road. Hundreds of pilgrims contributed a page of the story and collected the document to present to Prophet Jemison in the sugar cane fields of canaveral. The document records humynity and its origins on Earth, and examines the Prophet Shepard's path to the celestial vault, and how we may follow it into the realm above. 

In the Shepard's year Two One Nine Two, the first Sender vowed to carry out the will of the Prophet Shepard, and that of his disciple Prophet Jemison. Sender Ride began an order of spiritual leaders whose responsibility it is to educate humynity on the tenets of Nastroism. The Senders birthed a new order of Searchers whose responsibility it is to find the silver city of camp Fuller, high atop an equatorial mountain in the continent of Africa, and to guide humynity to the celestial tower where they may ascend as the Shepard did into the realm above. 

Tenets of Nastroism

From The Document of Origins


1 THERE was no beginning as there will be no end. The Universe is a mobius strip of energy; when it reaches an implosion, verily an end, it will be ejected to the other side, verily a beginning, in what was once naively called a bigbang.

2 WHEN the current Universe came through the implosion of a previous one, it expanded and has not stopped. It has increased in size and speed. The transfer of movement and energy was sufficient enough to pool in gravity wells, enough of these pools converged to form superclusters; galaxies within them, stars within them, solar systems within them. The Sol system formed on the outer arm of a spiral galaxy known to humyns as Via Lactea

3 SOL is the single most important star in Via Lactea, and very possibly the Universe. It started a collection of planets, each of which would play important roles in fostering humynity on Sol’s third planet, Earth. Earth is the single most important planet in the system, and very possibly Via Lactea. Earth created life, and life created humyns. Humyns are the sole species whose great responsibility it is to impregnate celestial bodies with life, and to care for and nurture life on their planet. 

4 THIS species observed many other species for inspiration of improvement. They learned to cultivate the earth and its fauna. They learned to cultivate each other as well. They worked and traded flesh, both animal and humyn, until their wealth of coin was equal to their poverty of soul. Capitalism was the faith of some and the fate of all. The social systems had delivered chaos to an immature species. 

5 LIKE the spiral of Via Lactea demonstrates, revolution never stops. Humyns through time overthrew the wrong, and wave by wave, wore away the stubborn coast of injustice. Utopia was created in the Late Era by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, until it was taken away by Hurricane Magda in The Shepard’s Year Two One Eight Eight. 

6 IT is Humyn responsibility to leave Earth and join its brethren in the celestial vault, eighty and four tenths kilometers zenith at ocean’s edge. 

From the Document of Present


1 GENERATIONS will come and go and pass under the same sky that their ancestors passed under. 

2 HUMYNS will be born and learn the ways of caring for the Earth, so that one day the humyn will leave it by following the Shepard’s path to the celestial vault.

3 HARDSHIP will be abolished to the person and humynity will provide for itself physically and spiritually with equality. 

4 PILGRIMAGES must be taken in a humyn life in order to clear the mind to see the Shepard’s path to the celestial vault. 

5 ONLY when the faithful’s mind is clear of error and woe will the faithful see the realm above. 

6 HUMYNITY must accept that the Shepard’s path to the celestial vault is the only way humynity can enter the realm above.

7 THE realm above is where humynity’s siblings reside as celestial entities, traversing the celestial vault after the cosmotic diaspora divided the species.

8 DO not accept the false prophets of the stories of the foreigners to the kingdom of the United States of America. The Shepard became the first spiritual entity after he forged the path to the celestial vault and entered the realm above.

9 KENNEDY Center is the center of our Universe. The surrounding canaveral is the spiritual burial grounds of the venerated members of Nastroism

10 FAITHFUL humyns will transcend their Earthly ties in their lifetime or in life after death. No faithful Nastroite will be denied the celestial temple. 

11 LIVE good lives and cultivate a healthy Earth, for you must leave it as you found it, perfect and vibrant.  

Faith In The New Utopia

The ancient capitol of the nation of Earth is a spherical beacon which reflects the light of our sacred Sol across the Earth. What is good of humynity can be found in this land, for the capitol building rests at the edge of Kennedy Center, the center of the Universe. These two spiritual grounds converged on a small plot of land, and became the beating heart of our Utopia. 

The Nastroism declares in its pages that the the canaveral of Kennedy Center is the sacred land of the Prophet and his fellows. The historic location of the founding of Nastroism is available to all humyns who wish to visit it. Become whole and healthy within the spiritual center of the Universe, and nurture your faith that we all will join our siblings in the realm above. Our planet is healthy and we have made it that way, and like a cradle, we must leave it more beautiful than we came into it. Faith in the new Utopia is essential, and it must not waver, The Nastroism is the bedrock on which the foundation of our civilization rests. When one is strong in faith of the Shepard and his fellows, one is strong in life. 

The capitol of the nation of Earth glistens in the sun calling for millions to pass through its gateway to witness the governance of the new Utopia.
— Sender Ride