scripture locket

The Scripture Locket was designed and created by A.C. Clarke of Jaypee-L city in the old country of South California, the ancient kingdom of the United States of America. Clarke was a metallurgical analyzer and created this locket from what remained of the last engine made before the celestial tower rendered explosive rocket drives useless. 

The locket is made from nickel, brass, copper, and silver with accents of artificial gemstones. These gemstones were created in labs and are some of the most expensive objects of their kind. An earthquake has since swallowed the city of Jaypee-L, but the locket made its way to the Kennedy Center before it could happen. 

It was passed hand to hand along the sojourner's pilgrimage. Down the miles, the families that carried it added their pages of the scripture of The Nastroism. By the time it arrived at the Kennedy Center, the center of our Universe, it was filled with the complete text of The Nastroism.

This Miraculous feat of cooperation and faith has imbued this locket with the spiritual strength to guide humynity down the Shepard's path to the celestial vault, where they may live out their natural lives in the realm above. 


The gemstones represent the plants in our solar system, and they align with the Sun.


Earth is represented by a lab-grown turquoise, possibly from the mountains near Losalamos. It is highest on the locket, indicating its prominence over the solar system.


The sun is a disk of brass dappled by hand and soldered in place. There are traces of liquid hydrogen, indicating its use in a propellant mechanism. 


Mercury is represented by a 3mm cabochon of lab-grown hematite.


Venus is represented by a 3mm cabochon of lab-grown peridot.


Mars is represented by a 3mm cabochon of lab-grown garnet. It comes after a gap left for Earths true place in orbit.


Jupiter is represented by Amber. This is this only jewel not grown in a lab, and therefore is the least valuable gemstone on the locket. The artist stated that the use of Amber alludes not only the beautiful colors of Jupiter, but the flow of matter through time and space, like the convection of Jupiter's atmosphere.


Saturn is represented by lab-grown citrine.


Uranus is lab-grown blue emerald.


Neptune is represented by lab-grown quarts with moss agate.