The mourning road

Sojourner's Pilgrimage

The Sojourner's Pilgrimage (or the Mourning Road), is a 1,000 mile walk that begins at the city of Johnson Center in the old land of Texas and ends at Kennedy Center, the Center of our Universe. The Pilgrimage has been traveled by thousands of faithful Nastroites wishing to venerate the siblings Challenger and Columbia, and the Sons of Apollo, and to follow the path of the Shepard into the celestial vault.


JOHNSON CENTER is the beginning of the Mourning Road. The pilgrim will fly into Houston Sunport and make his or hyr way south to Johnson Center city. The Columbia pillar marks the end of the three hundred mile debris field which begins in the city of Dallas. Join visitors at the Johnson Center complex for a history lesson on the beginning of NASA and the Sons of Apollo in an historical replication of mission control. 


STENNIS CENTER is the midway station for the walking droves of sojourn pilgrims. It is the historic location of the Stennis Engine Test Facility for ancient NASA. Scientists and Engineers perfected the heavy-lift rockets here, which allowed humynity to follow the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. The Visitor's Center is open to the public and houses the largest reliquary of NASA and NASTRO artifacts. An astronaut's flight suit, an OMS drive from a Spiritual Shuttle, and a Spacelab replica to name a few. Pilgrims can acquire one-of-a-kind souvenirs to commemorate their journeys. 


KENNEDY CENTER ends the Sojourner's Pilgrimage and Mourning Road. It is the historic capitol of the nation of Earth and the eternal Center of the Universe. The Shepard trod the path to the celestial vault from this location, and many of the events which take place in The NASTROISM occur in this sacred land. Read and experience the site, and visit the historic home of the Shepard, the old capitol of the nation of Earth, and the Launch Site of NASA and NASTRO on Cape Canaveral. The Pilgrim will end his or hyr thousand mile walk at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the Challenger memorial and the Tomb of the Sons of Apollo.

It is the road that is taken to honor the seventeen men and womyn who gave their lives for science, and to follow the path to the celestial vault.
— Sender Hamilton

The Sojourner's Pilgrimage is not for everyone. Know your abilities and feel free to contact the Mourning Road Co-op at Johnson Center to get the details on conditions of the path and expected seasonal weather. If one chooses to follow the Mourning Road, please be aware that its condition is variable (be it dirt, gravel, or paved). Safe places to stop are seldom in some stretches. Your faith is important to us, as well as to humynity, so if you need assistance completing the Sojourner's Pilgrimage do not hesitate to ask.