Astropostle glove

This relic was passed down to the Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension by somewhat mysterious means. It is the glove of the firs womyn in space, and only womyn Astroposle to join the canon of spiritual entities who came from the Shepard's initial ascension into the realm above. 

Astropostle Sally Ride wore this glove while on a sojourn with her crew in the Spiritual Shuttle Challenger. The glove was donated to the capitol of the nation of Earth by the Smithson family before their departure to the African Continent in search for the celestial tower. Its traces are not clear, however historians at the capitol certified the glove as having belonged to the spiritual one Sally Ride. It was on display for one hundred and fifty years before the capitol was destroyed by hurricane Magda.

The glove is held in a crystal vitrine which has been drained of atmosphere. The vacuum conditions will elongate the life of the glove by centuries. The vitrine is embedded in a portable shrine that was made by a pilgrim on the Mourning Road. The Astropostle is depicted on a facing panel of the shrine, and on the other panel is her disciple, Sender Jemison. Though the glove is inanimate, faithful visitors to the reliquary have reported seeing its fingers move. This one-of-a-kind artifact legitimizes the role of the Church of Oury Humyn of the Ascension as a sacred shrine at the base of the Shepard's path to the celestial vault. 


The vitrine in which the Astropostle Sally Ride's glove resides is made of gold-leafed wood and crystal, it houses the Error Log of the Church. Two panels open on each side of the showcase and depict Astropostle Sally Ride on the left, and The Jemison on the right. The Error Log meditative lights cycle through the spectrum, entrancing its user, so that shi or he may find peace while logging errors. The phone receiver plays therapeutic alpha waves to further assist in relaxing and focusing the user. The errors are recorded on the server located at The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension.