nastro insignia

This patch depicts the insignia of the National Aeronautics and Space Transportation Relocation Organization, or NASTRO. It is the gathering of people from the first Utopia of Earth ushered in by the Tyson. The origins of the emblem are not well documented, but experts on Nastroism and the ancient civilization of NASA have written pages on the significance of the symbols. The patch came to the reliquary of the Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension by donation from the Aristotle Family Alliance. It is believed to have belonged to a flight suit of the celestial tower maintenance crew. 


The outer-most border of the insignia can be broken into two inter-locking shapes, a heptagon and an octagon. Taken alone, these are shapes of seven and eight points/sides, respectively. When considering the purpose of NASTRO in the first Utopia of Earth, which was to get all of humynity off of Earth, we can surmise that these polygons represent the seventh and eighth element on the periodic table: Nitrogen and Oxygen, the two most important elements in the humyn atmosphere.


The stars of the patch, when taken as a whole, do not match any known modern constellation, or one from the time of NASTRO. But Doctrite Valle Zandbek discovered the stars on the blue field are actually two separate charts. One matches Orion, the hunter of the sky, and the other is not a constellation, but a map to the stars closest to our Sol. This map was inscribed on the Voyager Probe of ancient NASA, and is thought to have been sent out so that humynity might find their way back to be reunited with the people of Earth.


The flattened circle is clearly an edge-on orbit, one which might have been taken by the Spiritual Shuttles, or the celestial station. For NASTRO's use, this might represent the journey away from, but ultimately back to Earth, so that humynity might be reunited forever in the realm above. We await their return, and this is the most important symbol of hope passed down to us from NASTRO.


The text is divided into two type families, one (the "NAS" segment) which has been seen in historical documents, and one which is unique to NASTRO. However, Searcher Roytmon completed his spiritual Masters on the subject of this text, and says it is the type family used in the original NASA logo, though he cannot find supporting historical documents to prove his theory.